The Drone Business School supports entrepreneurs who pioneer the promising drone industry. In this school, students learn from real business cases, to turn innovative ideas into economically viable applications. They draw up a business plan for real companies together with an innovation file for VLAIO.


What is a good business plan? How do I convince an investor? How do I draw up a strong subsidy file?

In the Drone Business School you will learn all the tricks of the trade to market your idea and turn it into a profitable business.



Learn all about unmanned aviation and look for innovative opportunities within the European legal framework


Discover the endless possibilities of drones, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, … and look for technological challenges.



Work out business cases for real companies as part of your training and help shape this future industry



“The development of new unmanned technologies is much more efficient when you have an overview of all available knowledge. That’s why it’s important that there are initiatives like the Drone Business School that allows pioneers in the drone industry to launch their ideas with a head start, to put together a logical business model and at the same time realize an added market value to give their business a healthy foundation.”

Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen
CEO at DroneMatrix EU

“As simulator developers, we make products that not only target that market, but also help shape that market. After all, we know that new pilots are born in simulators. In view of the further growth of the market and our products, we were thrilled to be able to share our future plans with the Drones Business Architect students. Their fresh look at our story helps us to further shape those plans. At the same time, it allows us to engage students in a real and relevant business story that makes them think about all aspects of a business plan. We see this as an exciting collaboration where all parties involved can learn from each other.”

Kevin Haelterman
Co-Founder & Business Developer at LuGus Studios

“As a strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry, Flanders Make stimulates open innovation through high-quality research and works with companies on tailor-made innovations. However, this almost always happens from a concrete technological question, is viewed with technological glasses on, and results in a technological solution. It was therefore refreshing for us – engineers and scientists – to let the students develop a business case for one of our technological innovations and thus broaden our horizons to business needs that our business partners encounter.”

Christophe Bruynseraede
Business Development Manager at Flanders Make

“The vision of students with a passion & already strong knowledge about drone technologies gives a fresh and creative perspective from a different perspective. That’s why we thought this was a unique opportunity to have our business case of EIDs worked out. After 2 weeks, we were already convinced that their insights and reports were of such high quality that we included them directly within our strategic plan for the roll-out of the new product. Today, at the end of the training, our collaboration has brought this project forward by at least 2 months and we are ready the next phase.”

Thomas Petracca
CEO / Co-founder at Senhive

“skeyes believes in the strong potential of the drone industry and from our expertise in air traffic safety we would like to contribute to its safe deployment. The students, together with skeyes, are thinking about how drones improve our business processes and the processes of our important partners, such as the Belgian airports. Can the inspections of the runways at a busy airport soon be carried out with an intelligent drone? An important challenge here is to ensure the safety of manned aircraft at all times. In this way, we want future drone business architects to take into account the safety risks from the design phase of a drone business case. Cooperation with knowledge institutions also provides new insights that will improve the entire ecosystem in the long term.”

Tom Snyers
Innovation Expert at skeyes

“As a technology innovator within drone solutions for professional applications, DroneMatrix is connected with the research centres, colleges and universities in Flanders and Limburg with a strong vision. The flow of young enthusiastic specialists from these institutions is vital for us. This Drone Business School brings us directly into contact with the students and challenges them to develop new ideas and concepts for market development within our field of work. Their fresh look at our strategy and how technology can develop within it helps us to really implement the cases. The background of the training also enriches our knowledge.”

Frederik Winters
Chief Business Development Officer at DroneMatrix EU

“The entertainment industry is always looking for new elements to take shows to unprecedented heights. For several years now we have seen a sharp increase in the use of drones in all kinds of events and shows. Within Flanders and by extension Europe, this is now limited to outdoor shows by a handful of companies. With Project Willow we are working on an out-of-the-box solution for indoor shows. Together with the students, we have been further expanding the business plan in recent months. This collaboration has led to many new insights that will eventually lead to a better product. We were impressed by the knowledge and skills of the students and will continue to market this project with some of them. We are already looking forward to shaping our new projects with the next batch.”

Bjorn Geuns
Owner at CodeGorilla


“Drones Business Architect is a unique training within Flanders where a healthy mix of aviation legislation, drone technology and business cases gives you a better understanding of the current drone market and its potential in the future. It is a training with an emphasis on valuation and the preparation of a business plan for new applications in which the use of drones is central.”

Vital Donater & Frederic Gielissen


“The Drones Business Architect programme is a fun training to gain new insights into the drone world. Also particularly instructive by drawing up a business case, which also focuses on the practice.”

Vincent Fissette
Manager at Avisum


“A postgraduate Drones Business Architect is a training in which passionate teachers guide students through the world of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). From technology to the format of a real business case, peppered with real drone cases. Highly recommended for anyone who is considering entering or coming into contact with the drone world.”

Bruno Mommens
Business Development Specialist at Cegeka


“The drone business is still in its infancy, the possibilities are almost endless but there are still few experts in the business. The training of PXL does not require any specific knowledge or history, but in one year you will be able to see the technical and legal drone story. With that knowledge you will then work out a case yourself. DronePort in Sint-Truiden is currently one of the only drone hubs in Europe, where many innovative start-ups can develop their ideas.”

Inge Waeyenberge
Head of cabinet mayor Sint-Truiden

“I describe the Drones Business Architect course in one word with ‘diversity’. A drone (business) transcends very varied landscapes, here you will learn how to stir up dust and bring innovation to the business within this landscape. Modelling, communication, meteo, (European) legislation, product determination, market study, a case study and pitching, it is all essential for marketing your idea.”

Sander Screurs
Front-end web developer at


“The Drones Business Architect programme has not only given me a diverse perspective on how drones work and can be used in our airspace, but has also ensured that as a technical person I now have enough confidence to take a step in the business world and dare to take action. I would not have seen this as quickly as possible without the teachers of the programme, but part is also due to the elements I have learned from the wide range of people and their experiences who participated with me in this postgraduate.”

Anissa Schirock

“The Drones business architect training is a very exciting and broad training where we have been able to get acquainted with a lot of drone technology facets. During the first modules, we learned all the necessary things about the necessary legislative and technical aspects that are important in the drone world and then, during the last modules, can use this knowledge to write a business plan and an investment file for a drone-related business solution. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to get to know the drone world in a business-analytical way.”

Serge Liberloo
Company owner Eppix

“If, like me, you are someone who is itching to do something innovative, then you are stuck with this Drones Business Architect training with a good kickstart because drones are going to take a huge flight.”

Jan Syryn
Senior business / functional analyst & solution architect


” (1) The drone business architect training contains all the modules to give you insight into the drone world as it looks today on a technical, legal and business level. Turning a drone application into a business case, ready for the market, is quite a challenge, where you have to recognize and overcome both technical and market-related obstacles. Innovation is at the heart of training; drones can create added value in many fields. The training offers you all the tools to develop your drone business idea in a reasoned way. The professional framework and the perfect location make this training even more attractive.”

Francis Poelmans
Researcher at BRRC and Dronepilot


An education with a lot of variety and interaction. In addition to the business part, the training also provides a broad basic training on the drone in all its facets.

Ann Candrix
Estimated expert


“In the Drones Business Architect course I got the opportunity to work out a drone application into a concrete business idea. By developing a business plan I have learned to develop a concrete vision to make this idea a reality and what resources you need for it. Pitching the business plan to a jury of potential investors in order to obtain the necessary funds was a very educational experience!”

Max Beder
Quality Engineer at VCST Industrial Products


“The Drone Business Architect programme is a training course where you get a better understanding of the current and future drone sector through various modules. As a mobility sciences student, I found it cool and instructive to learn more about the relatively new drone market and the associated potential future applications. The postgraduate is highly recommended for anyone interested in the world of drones.”

Karel Vandebergh
Intern at DroneMatrix

“Once I saw them flying, drones. After 4 months of training I gained more insight into drones: propellers, gimballs, BMS, Companion Computers, payload, SLAM, Ultra Wide Band … After 8 months of training I got more overview. There are many aspects in society and business where drone technology can certainly help you.”

Ivan Letar
Supply Chain Manager at CODORE GCV


In this weekly evening training, bedrift and professionals learnhow to turn economic opportunities into viable applications with drones.

The course is based on the principle that those who want to develop drone applications should not only be at home in technology and programming, but also have knowledge of drone legislation and aviation aspects. In addition, a Drone Business Architect must also have the right skills to turn new business opportunities into a concrete business plan and innovation trajectory.


  • Training: Drone Business Architect
  • Type of training: postgraduate
  • Educational institution: PXL University College
  • Duration: Sep 2020 – Jun 2021
  • Lessons: Tuesday evening from 6pm to 10pm
  • Location: DronePort in Sint-Truiden, PXL in Hasselt


Are you a passionate drone innovator but do you need help to draw up a business plan? Want to know what is feasible with a drone in your business processes? Do you want to submit a drone innovation program for grants but don’t know how to start?

Pitch your idea to the class of drone business architects who want to help turn your ideas into a concrete plan for the future!


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