Are you a passionate drone innovator but do you need help to draw up a business plan? Do you want to submit a drone innovation program for grants but don’t know how to start? About fifteen drone business architects are looking for ideas and cases to turn them into a concrete plan for the future as part of their training! Together with you, they will look for an answer to the key questions that serve as building blocks for your business model canvas.

As part of the Postgraduate Drones Business Architect, a dozen companies pitch their business case each year for the trainees of the training. In DronePort, they try to convince students to choose their idea to develop it into a full-fledged business plan or innovation dossier. Other companies that are also interested can still apply to pitch for the class.

“In a classic pitch, start-ups, often with a decent professional experience, look for investors to get their business case financed”, says Mark Vanlook. “In the context of this training, we turn the tables. This time, existing companies will ‘sell’ a new case to postgraduate students. The stakes may not be financial resources, but a full-fledged business plan or innovation dossier to obtain grants.”

In the course, students learn how to market new ideas related to drone technology. The practical case provided by real companies is the ideal learning school for this purpose, and it creates a win-win situation for both parties. Students do not have to deal with fictitious cases, but immediately learn the real-deal. In return, companies that make a case receive support in the development of their business plan or innovation file.

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